Introducing Bluebell - Indoor Plants, Pots and Baskets

When entering Bluebell at Reizis Square, you will immediately be welcomed by an oasis of beautiful indoor plants in interesting pots and baskets. The owner of the store will then also welcome you with open arms, inviting you to share the joy that she has experienced with indoor plants. This post will give you a closer look at the owner, Anin Smit of Bluebell as she writes about her love of plants.

I've spend most of my adult life on a farm next to the Vaal River as the wife of a farmer. After the death of my husband in 2016 I moved to Bloemfontein. Although I loved the new house that we got, I felt something's missing... it was nature. I then decided to get a peace lily, and so my journey with indoor plants began.

In 2020 I decided to open Bluebell, which quickly became my happy place. As both my daughters reached adulthood and became self sufficient, I decided that it is now the perfect time to do something for myself, and so I opened Bluebell. Initially it was intended to be a florist, but I quickly realised the need for indoor plants. After about three months I was established as an indoor plants, decorative pots and baskets retail store.

Having plants in your home gives you joy, peace, and love. More importantly it contributes in creating a healthy environment for me and my family. It also provides us with the opportunity to be successful at something, taking care of my plants has been one of the most rewarding things I've done. Not only does indoor plants hold enormous benefits for mental health, but it also serves as an air purifier. It is therefore very fitting that the colour which represents growth and life, is also the colour of most plants - G R E E N.

If you ever have a room in need of a little more life then get a plant. Plants has this amazing ability to light up any area - I've seen this time and again. Your subconscious will absorb every bit of joy, peace and love from your plant and in turn will help you release more happy hormones.

The first year of owning a business has honestly been the most hectic year of my life. It has been filled with ups and down, mistakes and successes, and laughter and tears. But through all of this I have come to realise that I wouldn't trade it for anything. But, by far the most important lessons I've learned is that you should always be humble, never give up and ALWAYS trust in God.

I have recently launched my very own collection of baskets, which you can find in our store. It has been met with a lot of enthusiasm, for which I am very grateful. So for all of you out there who wants to venture into opening a business... just do it!

So, if ever you are in need of an indoor plant, a beautiful decorative pot or a handmade basket you can just contact us here at Bluebell. We will guide you in choosing the perfect plant, how to care for it and where to keep it.

Thank you so much for reading this post and don't forget to visit our online store.

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